Have you ever speculated that how Mac, iPhone, and all other Apple devices synchronize settings and preferences so flawlessly? For this, you have to thank Apple ID login here. Basically, it is your essential personal Apple account used throughout Apple’s ecosystem. There is a many things you can do with an Apple ID such as create a new one, change password, permanently delete, the account, etc. if you want to know more detailed information about Apple ID, then you have to dial Apple Support Number at once. After making call on this number, you will be directly connected with ingenious professionals, who will provide you the precise explanations of the Apple ID. 

Apple support number

First Question that arises in everyone’s mind is what’s My Apple ID?

My Apple ID is an Apple account used to keep your entire settings and preferences. Also, the most importantly as an Apple login, this ID let you access services like App Store, Apple Music, iMessage, iCloud, FaceTime, and many more. It’s necessary for a smooth experience inside the Apple ecosystem.

Even if you just bought a single Apple product, then you’ve prone to receive lots of requests from Apple. These requests came in the form of notifications and pop-ups, saying you to create new Apple ID. Fortunately, creating a new Apple ID is a very good idea and easy to do. You can create an Apple ID through iTunes, browser, or using the App Store.

Once you created My Apple ID, then you can use it on your multiple devices easily. Regardless of the high security or reliable resources, sometimes, you need to change your Apple ID for your data or information safety purposes. So, here we are going to discuss how you can change Apple ID on Mac PC.

Follow the below steps to change Apple ID on Mac: 

It’s possible to change your Apple ID on Mac if you know your email address is very simple.

Let’s start the process:

  • Sign out from all the apple computers and devices that use your current Apple ID.
  • After that, login to the account on a selected computer or device.
  • For users those are using two-factor authentication, which is highly suggested, wait for the OTP number to arrive by text or email then add it as a next step when prompted.
  • When login is complete, the email Apple ID can be changed straightforwardly from the Account Settings window.
  • Tap on edit and go after the prompts to change the email or Apple ID.
  • You will get a verification email with a verification code on your newly provided email.
  • After that, simply sign in with your new Apple ID.
  • Write down the code in the email to complete the process.

One thing you need to keep in mind that, if you try to login too many times with an incorrect password, then your account will be frozen for next 24 hours. So, make sure to use reset your password with forget Apple ID or password option, if you are facing logging trouble. In order to resolve your entire issues related to Apple ID, you can take Apple Phone Support at ease. Here, with the help of skilled professionals, you will get appropriate solutions at your door-step.

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