If you are using an iPhone then, there are chances that you must have encountered the dreadful error 14 as a part of your iPhone experience. The error 14 is an error that occurs when you are resetting or updating your Apple devices which include the iPhone, iPad, iPod as well as Mac devices. There is always a chance that the iTunes error 14 will terminate the process of restoring and upgrading process therefore, it needs a solution.

To fix error 14 on iPhone, you need to perform the below steps to sort out your problem and still you find any difficulty then you can contact Apple support where experts will help you to deal with your problem.

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Reasons for error 14

 Error 14 is caused by some of the USB related issues. This normally happens when the USB connection between iPhone and computer is disturbed leading to a failure of the process needs to restore the iPhone software. It can also be caused by the security software present in your computer but whichever the case is, fixing the error 14 is the top priority. Go through the below steps to solve this issue.


Quick fix methods to resolve this error

Solution 1: Check Your USB Cable

Error 14 might happen when you have a USB connection issue. Try a distinct USB port on your computer or go for a different USB cable. You would better use the original Apple Lighting USB that you got with your device. And you can join the USB cable on another computer.

Solution 2: Restart your iDevice and Computer

This is one of the simple ways to fix error 14 problem. You may even forget about it. You can always restart your device when you face any problem.

Solution 3: Backup and Try Clean Restore

Backup your device and then execute a clean restore of iOS 10/11. Then have a safe restore of iOS 12 with the use of IPSW file that is downloaded from Apple’s Developer Centre. Finally, reset your device with the backup you generated after installing iOS 12 successfully.

Solution 4: Install the latest version of Xcode 8

Go to Apple’s Developer website to install and download the current Xcode 8 on Mac computer. Apple says: You must have the current version of Xcode 8 downloaded on your Mac before using a Restore image to install iOS or tvOS beta software on your device. So try to have the latest version of Xcode installed on the computer to neglect or fix error 14.

Solution 5: Update iTunes to the Latest Version

Apple has always launcheda new version of iTunes to work with the new operating system, so have a check and upgrade the iTunes to the current version.

Solution 6: Turn off Security Software

Turn off the security software that is installed on your computer. After that, try to upgrade and reset your iPhone/iPad again. If you still face error 14, then you can withdraw the security software.

Want detailed information? Contact us

If the above information won’t solve your issue, then you can take help from Apple support where professionals will help you to sort out your problem. They are engineers present 24/7 for you. Just dial the number and place a call to solve your problem in no time.

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